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Fantage is a fantastic game for childrens where they can enjoy with friends. What they can do in the game ? Hah you can do everything, example play games, socialize, learn something in a safe online environment. For start you see own personal avatar, which they can customize by choosing a hairstyle, clothing or add special items ! But now you can find a huge problem. To get full access for this things, you must have a member account but it are too expensive. How to get Free Membership for Fantage ? Small amount of people know where download codes generator for premium account. That's why i decided to share with you my own special Hack. With this tool you can easy generate 15 codes/month for 1,6 or 12 months FREE MEMBERSHIP. Yes thats really possible and undetectable because it works based on gift codes. How to use it ? Nothing difficult - you don't need to install it or enter you account name and passwords. When you download this from official site please open folder then launch Fantage Codes Cheats and click "generate codes". When you have your code please copy it and paste in the game, that's all. How to Download this Tool ? Please visit official site - below you can see link and read about it.